The Speakers & Event Organisers

Louise Brogan (UK)

Louise is a LinkedIn consultant based in Northern Ireland. She has a successful podcast and YouTube channel, both called “LinkedIn with Louise”, and she’ll be speaking about best practices for LinkedIn company pages.

Nigel Cliffe (UK)

Nigel is one of the most respected LinkedIn trainers in the UK. He runs his own training programme called [in]credible Academy, and his session is focused on Sales Navigator and advanced search techniques for discoverability on and off LinkedIn.

Mark Williams (UK)

Mark is known as Mr LinkedIn, and has been a LinkedIn trainer since the early days of the platform. He runs the best-known podcast about LinkedIn, called Linkedinformed, and he will be speaking about a range of advanced LinkedIn topics. We think of him as the Swiss Army knife of LinkedIn, and he probably knows more about the different aspects of the platform than anyone else in the world.

Gillian Whitney (USA)

Gillian is a video marketing expert, podcaster and author who specialises in live video, particularly for LinkedIn and YouTube. Her promise is to make video easy peasy for all. She holds four passports and is based in Las Vegas.

Kevin D Turner (USA)

Kevin is a brand strategist based in Dallas, Texas. He’s at the forefront of all new developments on the platform, and will be sharing his insights about the latest features and best practices. He’s one of the most knowledgeable people about LinkedIn’s strategic thinking as well as the technical aspects of how the platform works.

Richard van der Blom (Spain)

Richard is a Dutch social selling specialist and data researcher best known for his hugely popular reports on the latest state of the LinkedIn algorithm. Based in Valencia, Richard comes to the UK with a great reputation, and his talk will deliver best practices for LinkedIn in early 2024.

Tiina Jarvet (Belgium)

Tiina is an international recruitment, specialist and headhunter, who speaks nine languages. Originally Estonian, Tiina is based in Belgium, and will be speaking to us about how recruiters look at our LinkedIn profiles. Her focus is on LinkedIn Recruiter and on how search works, which will provide key insight on how we can optimise our profiles to be better found by the people we most want to influence.

John Espirian (UK)

John is the relentlessly helpful® LinkedIn nerd and leader of the Espresso+ community. He is the author of Content DNA, and is committed to sharing best practices for ethical visibility on LinkedIn. John’s fun session will look at some advanced practices on LinkedIn.

Event Organisers

Gus Bhandal (UK)

Jeremy Freeman (UK)


The conference will start at 09.30 and finish at 17.00 (with networking until 19.00).  Each speaker will take to the stage individually throughout the day. 

Registration: 08.45–09.30

Intro: 09.30–09.45

Louise Brogan: 09.45–10.15
Maximise the impact of your LinkedIn company page

Nigel Cliffe: 10.20–10.50
Advanced ways to search LinkedIn both on and off platform, including tips for Sales Navigator

Break: 10.50–11.20

Mark Williams: 11.20–11.50
Advanced tips on LinkedIn best practice

John Espirian: 11.55–12.25
More advanced guidance on LinkedIn for power users

Lunch: 12.25–13.25

Gillian Whitney: 13.25–13.55
Livestream tips for creating live videos on LinkedIn

Kevin D Turner: 14.00–14.30
Advanced tips on LinkedIn best practice, including a look at new LinkedIn features for 2024

Break: 14.30–15.00

Tiina Jarvet: 15.00–15.30
Best practice advice for discoverability on LinkedIn, with a look at the platform from the recruiter’s point of view

Richard van der Blom: 15.35–16.05
How to improve your social selling by understanding the algorithms and your data on LinkedIn

Expert Q&A: 16.10–17.00
All speakers onstage to finish the day by answering questions from the audience – your chance to quiz the best of the best!

Close and networking: 17.00–19.00

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